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Maputo, the capital of Mozambique in East Africa, features a scenic Indian Ocean port and well-maintained Portuguese colonial architecture. The downtown Baixa neighborhood showcases turn-of-the-century buildings amidst jacaranda-lined streets. Notable landmarks include the bronze-domed FM Maputo Railway Station from 1916 and the expansive Municipal Market. Adjacent, the neoclassical City Hall adorns the Praça da Independência square. The City Tour of Maputo optimizes exploration of key attractions while minimizing walking through bustling streets. In just a few hours, you'll experience what would typically require 3 or 4 separate walking tours. Discover the historical charm of the Baixa area and venture into the Muse neighborhood to admire modern architecture. During the tour, savor the refreshing taste of Mozambican coconut water as you explore the vibrant Costa do Sol district, bustling with activity along the promenade and beachfront. A highlight of the tour is the chance to enjoy lunch on Katembe Beach, offering stunning views of Maputo City across the river—an experience few others provide. read more read less